How long are the training sessions?

Training length will vary, but the average time for an in-depth training is 2-3 days on-site.  Follow up is often conducted via Skype, or through email or telephone.

Average training times:

  • Collegiality: 2 ½ to 3 days
  • Governance Training: 1 ½ to 2 days
  • TRIBES TLC:  24 hours
  • Curriculum Audit:  2 days
  • Curriculum Construction & Renewal:  Varies according to needs
  • Program Development and Expansion: Varies according to needs
  • Leadership Development:  Varies according to needs
  • Strategic Planning: 3 days on-site

Are you able to accommodate a school with multiple needs?

Often international schools have multiple needs. Our consultants are flexible and able to address multiple issues.

What is the cost?

Our fees are affordable and competitive.  Fee structure is negotiated independently with each client.

“Our K-12 school has used Judi Fenton’s professional services several times. She has provided outstanding coaching and training to the director, board, faculty, and curriculum coordinator.  Judi’s vast and diverse experiences in public, private, and international schools enabled her to assess our school’s unique needs and work to bring out our best collaborative and leadership skills!”

  • — Kelly Mekdeci, Director
  • Georgetown Int’l Academy
  • Georgetown, Guyana

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