Fenton Education Consulting…

specifically dedicated to serving international schools.

Our team of highly experienced international educators is committed to working in partnership with you to assess your school’s strengths and needs as we work together to craft a workable improvement plan.  Fenton International will provide mentorship that lasts far beyond the implementation phase, regardless of your needs. We offer programs and processes for curriculum, team building, accreditation compliance, board development, teacher evaluation, leadership training, school culture, and more.

Six Signature Programs make up the core of our work overseas and represent the “best of the best” we have to offer.

    1. CULTIVATING COLLEGIALITY…A process for guiding your school along the pathway to professionalism. (Read more)
    2. CURRICULUM CONSTRUCTION & RENEWAL…Finally, a process to connect the dots!  A seamless model that incorporates assessment and instruction with curriculum. (Read more)
    3. TRIBES TLC® – CONNECTING HEARTS AND MINDS…A remarkable character-building, anti-bullying program to improve your school’s culture and enhance students’ academic performance. (Read more)
    4. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT…Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it. Henry Mintzberg. “The Nature of Managerial Work.” Harper & Roe.Whether you’re a new school head, a trustee, a student leader, or head of a department, leadership in an international school can be just plain tough!  We offer quality services, training, and ongoing support. (Read more)
    5. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND EXPANSION…Gifted-talented education, summer program development, student leadership training, substance abuse prevention. Keep your school on the cutting edge! (Read more)
    6. STRATEGIC PLANNING…A goal without a plan is just a wish. (Read more)

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