About Judi Fenton

…I’ve “walked the walk”

Judi Fenton, the principal consultant of Fenton Education Consulting, is an experienced practitioner who has worked in international schools throughout the world as a school head, principal,  teacher, curriculum director, and trainer.

Judi firmly believes that in our rapidly changing world, the need to feel connected and be resilient is more critical than ever.  Judi’s ability to build capacity, connect people, and sustain what has been developed is the cornerstone of her work with schools — it’s what sets her apart.  Judi’s program is flexible and will be modified to best meet the needs of your distinct school setting.  This program does not require your school to conform to a pre-conceived, North American expectation.  Instead, we use our processes in order to bring out the best in your unique school.  We are interested in your journey.

Judi was director of the International School in Dakar, Senegal, and deputy head at the Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic. In addition to a great deal of work with gifted and talented in her home state of Montana, Fenton has worked as a principal for 16 years in schools in the US and Australia; served as a teacher and summer program director in the Shanghai American School; and conducted workshops in every corner of the globe.  She has taught at all grade levels and has worked extensively with curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Judi’s resume is available upon request.

Bottom line, our aim is to build your school’s capacity by leaving you with the processes and skills needed to move forward with confidence, and to sustain what you’ve built

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