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Judi Fenton, Principal Consultant
Fenton Education Consulting
PO Box 3406
Kalispell, MT 59903  USA

406.755.4779 Business ~ 406.260.2677 Cellular
Skype:  judifenton

“There are many proficient and dedicated educational consultants. There are also consultants who, because of their commitment to develop the talents of everyone in an organization, must be considered outstanding.  Judi Fenton is outstanding.”

  • — Elsa Lamb, Executive Director
  • Assoc. for the Advancement
  • of Int’l Education



“I have worked with Judi Fenton with two different schools; one where we focused on Curriculum and one with Strategic Planning. Judi’s gifts include being able to assess where the school is and where it wants to go. Armed with that understanding, she provides leadership, resources, continual support, and expertise. She is a master at bringing people together in a common purpose. She engenders trust and always makes sure that people are having fun and feeling safe. I would treasure the chance to work with her again!”

  • — Debra Giles, Director General
  • American School of Asunción
  • Asunción, Paraguay

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